Dispute Settlement

Dispute Settlement

Oleksandr Voroniuk
Oleksandr Voroniuk

A counselor, an advocate

TOTUM law company provides dispute settlement services that are very different and have their own level of complexity. The leading lawyers of the firm fulfill effective representation of our clients at all stages of the dispute settlement process (providing mediation to the trial, and the stage of enforcement of judgments). We represent the interests of our clients in the local general courts, commercial courts, and administrative courts of all instances.

The practice advocates and the lawyers that have “Dispute Settlement” specialization are experienced and high-qualified. Their clients are offered the best innovative strategies for settlement of the disputes in such spheres as the land relationship, building investment and real estate operations, non-fulfillment of contractual obligations in taxation, etc.

The lawyers of the company cooperate with the aim of forming a strategy of the dispute settlement and risk minimization related to the resolution of a dispute in the court. The flexible and individual approach to our clients lets us foreknow further dispute settlement, so we try to offer the best way of the problem solution.


  • consulting on the dispute settlement issues;
  • due diligence of the dispute;
  • taking part in negotiations, mediation and pretrial settlement of the dispute;
  • the administrative appeal;
  • protection from criminal persecution;
  • representing in the local general courts, commercial courts, administrative courts of all instances;
  • providing support with the enforcement proceedings.

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