Land & Agrarian Law

Land & Agrarian Law

Bogdan Yaskiv
Bogdan Yaskiv

Managing partner, lawyer, candidate of law

Land & Agrarian Law is one of the principle practices of the TOTUM law firm.

The company has rich experience in the sphere of legal accompaniment in cases concerning land, resolution of difficult situations in the land relationship and also settlement of land disputes. The practice team has profound skills in project support and transactions with land plots, and positive results of judicial protection of the rights to the land plot in many cases of administrative, commercial, and civil jurisdiction.

Land and Agrarian Law is a dynamic practice of the company, which develops constantly because of transformation of land legislation and the diversity of legal situations with which our clients apply to us.

Law practitioners regularly take part in the events dedicated to issues of land and agrarian sphere like Agrarian forum UBA, Nationwide Ukrainian tournament on Land Law court debates, etc.


  • due diligence of the land plot;
  • legal expertise of the situations concerning land;
  • consulting on Land Legislation application and land use;
  • representation of the clients’ rights and interests concerning relationship with the State Authorities and the Local government bodies on the land use issues;
  • the development and realization of difficult legal constructions of land plot use for town-planning, agricultural and industrial needs;
  • providing support with technical formation of the land plot based on the State land cadastre;
  • providing a registration of ownership support and other property/obligatory law to the land plot (rent, permanent use, easement, superficies, emphyteusis, etc.);
  • providing support with legal acts including agreements connected with the land plot disposal;
  • providing support with acquiring the rights to the land plots on a competitive basis (the land auctions);
  • providing support with technical and legal procedures for transformation (division, association, archiving, changing the intended purpose and other characteristics) of the land plot;
  • providing support with the land valuation procedure;
  • protection of the agricultural producers’ rights and providing support with their activities;
  • structuring deals connected with formation and expense of the land bank including the conclusion of the emphyteusis contract and other legal acts for providing protection of rights and interests of the clients;
  • pretrial and court settlement of the land disputes.

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