About us

About us

By providing a full range of legal services in key business industries, we have developed a significant portfolio of successfully implemented cases, and a high level of legal competence and responsibility for the entrusted tasks allow the team of TOTUM to find individual, cost-effective and efficient solutions by providing legal assistance for clients in such practices as:

  • land and agrarian law;
  • construction and capital investment;
  • corporate and tax law;
  • dispute settlement and business security.

The presence of our lawyers ensures that negotiations are conducted within a legal framework, avoiding intensification of conflicts, and guarantees clients the legal justification of the reached agreements.

The professionalism of our attorneys ensures successful settlement of most of the disputes at pre-trial stage.

We make sure our customers feel confident and secure in today's dynamic world and achieve their business goals.

In 2019 we received the honorary award "Attorney of the Year - 2019" from the Association of Lawyers of Ukraine in the practice of land law and corporate law.

TOTUM is the best real estate law firm under the VII All-Ukrainian Construction Award 2019 Ibuild from URE Club.

2019 law firm according to Ukrainian Real Estate Club.

According to the TOP-50 rankings by Yuridicheskaya Practika, our firm was ranked the 5th in real estate practice, 6th place in the practice of land law, and according to the results of the research program of Yuridicheskaya Gazeta, TOTUM was ranked 6th in the practice of agrarian and land law and 9th in the practice of construction and real estate among the best law firms in Ukraine.

Our values:

We have high demands to the quality of our services and constantly increase our level of expertise in order to better understand the nature of the business of the client.

We are working for the result, because we are confident that our success lies in the prosperity of our clients.

We are committed to honesty and transparency so that the client understands the state of implementation of his project, which is a guarantee of trust and long-term relationships.

We guarantee the confidentiality of customer information - it is securely protected and will not be disclosed.